Titus' Labor Story


Hello, Friends and Family!I can't believe that it has been 5 weeks since we welcomed our blue-eyed baby boy into the world!  (Yes, he has blue eyes!  We know that there is a good possibility that his eye color will change, but we're enjoying them while he has them! :))I've been asked multiple times about our labor and delivery story.  It has been hard to find the time to sit and type this out, every time I start, little man rouses from his nap or needs me ;)  This is a shout out to all of the work from home moms who are able to balance taking care of your kids and working!  I admire you!Labor & DeliveryTo cut right to the chase, Titus Jeremiah was born July 10th, 6  days after his due date, at 1442 (2:42pm) weighing 8lbs 8oz and 19.5inches long!I started labor around 0430 that Sunday morning.  I woke up to really strong period like cramps so I went to the bathroom and then passed my mucus plug (I'll spare the lovely details, you can google it if you really want to know what it is, but it's not the most glamorous part of labor ;))After going to the bathroom, I woke Micah up and told him, "Well, I passed my plug!  I'm pretty sure I'm in labor."  I've never seen him move so fast the years I've known him. :)  He hopped out of bed and I swiftly told him I was going to take a shower and needed him to help me keep track of my contractions because they were starting to get pretty steady.  I texted my doula and told her that I was pretty sure I was in labor and she told me to keep her posted on my progress.About 3 hours later it was 8amish and I told my doula I needed her to  come on over.  My contractions were getting closer together and were getting stronger.  By the time she got to my house, my contractions were about 10 mins apart, still not close enough to go to the hospital but much closer than they were before.  I continued to labor and tried various methods of pain control which mostly consisted of sitting on my labor ball (an exercise ball) and swaying with Micah.  I called the hospital when my contractions got to about 8 mins apart and were lasting about a minute each and they said to wait until they were about 5 mins apart before I came in.  About an hour later, it got to the point were they were coming on so fast and one right after the other that I didn't feel comfortable staying at home anymore.I called the hospital again and told them my stats and they said to come on in.  I'm VERY thankful that we left when we did.  I'm also very thankful that I mercifully only had 1 contraction on the 20-minute car ride to the hospital.  It was around 11ish when we got to the hospital, it was pretty much a blur when we got there.  Micah got me a wheelchair to sit in but I was way too uncomfortable sitting so I had to stand up.  It took me forever to make it to the triage room because my contractions were so close together that every time I would take a step I would have a contraction.  I *finally* got to the triage room where they took my vitals and strapped me up with the fetal monitor and checked my dilation.  I was in so much pain from my contractions that I was writhing in the bed wanting to get up but I couldn't because of the monitors.  Apparently, I looked at my doula and told her "This is torture!"  They finally checked my dilation and I was at 5 centimeters and 50% effaced which meant I was good to go.  They were originally going to put me in a room close to the triage room but it didn't have a tub (I wanted to labor in the tub for as long as possible) so I had to go clear across the ward to go to a room that did have a tub.  It was worth it because I ended up with one of the biggest rooms and it happened to be the room that we saw on our hospital tour.The first thing I did when we got into the room was get into the tub.  It helped relieve some of the pain but I think I was too far into my contractions that I couldn't stay still.  My nurse Alexis (who was AMAZING) asked if I was feeling pushy (like I wanted to push) and I was so they helped me out of the tub and onto the bed.  I ended up having the bed brought up to the fully upright position and I faced the back of the bed for the remaining hour before I started pushing.  At this point, I was only at 8cm dilated and they strictly ordered me NOT to push because they didn't want to risk me getting his head swollen due to me not being dilated all the way.  This was the start of the hardest part of my labor.  I forget all of the terms but I think this was my transition phase.  My contractions were pretty much right on top of the other and I had to really stop myself from pushing... to the point where I had to bite down on the mattress.  According to my doula and my hubby, I was "in the zone".  About half way through, my water broke and it was the weirdest sensation ever.  I vaguely remember my nurse struggling with putting an IV in my hand because my veins are "dainty" so they had to call in the resident expert.  I normally HATE needles and almost feel like I have to vomit when I get my blood drawn or have to have anything with a needle involved... I guess I was so engrossed with labor that I didn't even flinch when they were poking me several times trying to get a good vein for the IV!Mercifully, my nurse asked to check my dilation again because I labored for a good hour in the same position.  She checked me... hallelujah I was fully dilated and effaced.  They made me get on my back to push which I was not a fan of but I was so ready to start using my energy to push instead of holding it in that I didn't argue.  We did a couple of practice pushes and Titus was "at the doorway" sorta speak and called in the midwife ASAP because she knew I was ready.  The midwife barely had enough time to get her scrubs on and everything prepped before I was ready to push him out, 3 pushes later I was holding my sweet boy on my chest and listened to those sweet cries!  The midwife asked if he was my first because I apparently beat everyone on the floor with how fast my delivery was.  She said my next one should pop right out!  Let's hope that is the case :)I had some minor tearing, but other than that, the only pain medication I received my entire labor and delivery was after I delivered!  They had to use Pitocin to help deliver the placenta but that was it.  I was very blessed to have had my dream come true and have a unmedicated labor and delivery.I'm sure there are more details that I'm leaving out but I'll probably end up doing a follow-up post about our first days home.  Stay tuned for my one month post!  He has grown so much already and I can hardly keep up!Love,Vanessa