The Home Stretch


Today marks week 28 of my pregnancy!  According to my midwife, that means I'm in my third trimester.  (I've read tons of conflicting information about when the third-trimester starts, apparently there are different ways to "interpret" it so I'm just going to go with what my midwife says!)Little man is rolling and tumbling around more and more and his kicks and punches have been getting stronger with each passing day.  Sometimes I think he's an octopus because so much movement is going on at the same time every once in a while!  Like I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm enjoying this time before he gets big enough to stick his feet into my ribs so I'm enjoying "little" TJ for these last few weeks.  He should be around 2.5 lbs and 16 inches and is about the size of a head of cauliflower!Lately, I've been craving wontons and smoothies.  Any kind of smoothie, really.  I've been making lots of avocado mixed berry smoothies.  I'd say about 90% of my concoctions have been palatable.  It's starting to get more "real" around here with the realization that little guy will probably be here between 3-3.5 months (hopefully).  I have a long to-do list and very little time!  My wanting to rest and enjoy the "quiet" sometimes wins out over running around frantically preparing.  I'm trying my best to keep a good balance of productivity and relaxation while also enjoying the company of friends and going to the store without toting around TJ.Last night, I had my first dream of "seeing" little man.  I still have the image engraved on my mind and I am curious to see if he looks anything like my minds eye pictures him :)  It was also my first "labor and delivery" dream and it wasn't scary thankfully.  Not that my actual labor and delivery doesn't have the potential of being scary, but I'm thankful that my dream didn't freak me out any more than I probably already will be when the time comes.  I'm not so worried about the pain, interestingly enough.  I'm at peace with it and know that even though I am 100% set on having as intervention free and natural of a birth as possible... that things happen and if it's in the best interest of my baby I'm going to do what is best.  I'm thankful to have such a supportive Doula and hubby that can be advocates for me and make decisions on my behalf if I'm too out of it.  I also have some very wise friends that have been of the same mind and are very encouraging and supportive of my decision and are also very honest and loving about what could happen as well.  Little dude has to come out one way or another!We are excited about the many lessons and new experiences that are about to come and rely fully on our Heavenly Father for strength and endurance as our life is on the brink of a good and drastic change.27 Weeks 3 daysI can't wait to share more about our journey in the weeks leading up to Titus arrival!