Smart Ways to Invest Your Savings for Safe Returns


Smart Ways to Invest Your Savings for Safe Returns I Smart Money I How to Save Money I Smart Financial Decisions I Financial Growth

Smart Ways to Invest Your Savings for Safe Returns

Since Micah and I have started our financial journey, we’ve wanted to make wise decisions in regards to using smart ways to invest our savings for safe returns. We knew we wanted our hard earned money to grow, but not quite sure how.If you have been saving up your money for a few years now and would like to get the best return on them without risking losing your funds, you will have several options to choose from. You might think that - to keep your money safe - your bank is the only alternative, but this is far from the truth. Below you will find a few ways you can invest your savings for safe returns without the risks.

Managed Investment Portfolios

For higher returns than a saving account, you can talk to your financial advisor about managed investment portfolios that allow you to set the risk level and the different funds’ percentage, so you have full control over your money.We have a financial advisor through Edward Jones and it has been a huge lifesaver for us. Not only is our financial advisor very helpful, we’ve also developed a great relationship with her. I highly recommend seeking one out at some point in your financial journey.When your situation changes, you can alter your settings, and more risk might mean higher interest rates over the next few years. From government-backed funds to property development firm stocks, there are different ways you can increase the return on your investment.

Business Stocks

If you are good at business finances and predictions, you might even try your hands at investing in the stock exchange. Even if you are not an expert, you can get specialist training and personalized advice from some of the most respected investment gurus. Find out more about the companies and take a pick. You might also want to check out the returns on bull call spread to find out the potential income from your investment.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

To help out fellow business owners, you might want to lend to startup or growing businesses around the world. Become an angel investor, or lend money through intermediaries, so you can get the guarantee you need to make safer investment choices. You can find individual funds or spread your investment through various startup companies, to minimize your risk.

Property Purchase

For many people, investing in properties is a no-brainer. With prices almost guaranteed to rise in the next decade in some popular spots, you can make the most out of your savings by buying and renting out commercial or residential real estate. You can use the asset to grow your net worth, and sell up when you are ready to retire and need the funds to live the lifestyle you always dreamt of.

Pension Funds

If you would like to make your money grow over a longer period of time and would like to take advantage of the experience of investment companies when managing your funds, you can start a pension or retirement saving fund, no matter your age. You can grow your investment by taking advice from experts and keeping an eye on your portfolio.


Smart Ways to Invest Your Savings for Safe Returns I Smart Money I How to Save Money I Smart Financial Decisions I Financial Growth 

There Isn’t Just One Way to Invest Your Savings for Safe Returns

From business stocks, to peer to peer lending and investing in property and pension funds, you can find at least one way to diversify your financial portfolio.People often believe that the right place for their money is in the safe or in a saving account. If you would like to make your savings go further, you will have to find the right balance between high returns and risks. The above tips will help you choose the investment methods that suit your lifestyle and future plans.There are several smart ways to invest your savings for safe returns. As mentioned earlier, definitely seek the guidance of a financial advisor and seek their help to get your finances on the right track!Related: Do These 12 Important Tasks for a Better Financial Future

Have you started building your savings? What are your favorite ways?