November Goals 2016


november-goals-1Please note this post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you. I will earn a small commission from them if you decide to purchase.  Feel free to read my disclosure policy for further details.  Thanks for supporting my blog!I've been battling whether or not to post my goals for the month, mostly because I know it will hold me accountable!  I've been realizing more and more that I need to have more accountability, not only in my personal and spiritual life but in my blogging life as well.  I'm thankful for friends and family that are more than willing to poke me in the right direction!  I'm looking at you, Kristin! Thanks for being awesome! ;)Can you believe it's November already? November is my favoritist month of them all! October flew on by!  We celebrated having our fluffy kitty, Bilbo for 1 year.  It's also hard to believe that this time last year I was in the very early weeks of my pregnancy with Titus!  Many things can change in the span of 12 short months!  "The days are long but the years are short."  I'm a believer in that phrase more than ever!October has been  a fun month of getting back into blogging and the blogging community.  Not only that, it has been exciting because my hubby is helping me along the journey as well!  He has been contributing ideas and helping with technical things.  I knew there was a reason why I loved him ;)Without further ado, here are my goals for November!

Blogging Goals

  • Create my subscriber freebie
    • I have lots of ideas for what to do, I just have to pick one and get on it! :)
  • Finalize my blog theme that will roll out in January
    • I'm really excited about this, I've been putting together fonts and colors and looking up blogs that I love for inspiration.  I can't wait to share what it is in January!
  • Finalize my brand and branding (I learned those are two different things!)
    • This is also something I'm super excited about, it will be so beneficial to have this nailed down!
  • Grow my Instagram followers to 650
    • I've been learning about how to use Instagram to further your brand and it has been very interesting!  I've never given it much thought before so I'm going to invest more time and energy into that this month.  I'm going to pick one social media platform to grow each month so I don't overwhelm myself!
  • Grow my Facebook page to 350 followers
    • Pretty self-explanatory, I'm going to be focusing more on Instagram for the month of November but don't want to completely neglect Facebook either.
  • Increase my posts to 2 per week
    • I originally set out to do 1 a week but I think I'll be able to manage 2 in this time of transition.
  • Complete my editorial calendar for the rest of the year
    • I've finally come up with a system that I like (for now) so I'm starting to plot out my posts for the remainder of the year and going into next year once my new theme rolls out! Cue happy dance!

Personal Goals

  • Continue to wake up when Micah wakes up for work
    • This grounds me for the day. I normally have at least 15 mins of quiet to enjoy my coffee while it's still warm and I spend time in Word and prayer before TJ wakes up for the morning.
    • It's SUPER tempting to just sleep in... but I'm thankful that I'm slowly starting to get in the habit of waking up early.
  • Finish Dragon Medallions: Book 1: The Dragon Master Series
    • I've been needing to write this book review for a friend for a LONG time, it's very over due!
  • Finish The Best Yes
  • Put away TJ's newborn and 0-3 month clothes
    • Wahhhh, my baby is growing so fast! He's even outgrown some 3-6 month clothes already. :(
  • Finish 52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives
  • Deep clean the bathrooms and dust
    • Two of the household chores that I loathe the most... I really need to do them! Anyone else with me?
  • Have some friends over for my birthday!!
    • I really want to have a small shindig at our place to celebrate my birthday but the idea of it is a little exhausting to me #introvertprobs.
  • Have at least one date night with the hubby!

november-goals-1I know there are a few more things I can probably add to the list, but I'm going to not overwhelm myself like I typically do.  I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to see how I did once December rolls around.  What are some goals you have for yourself for the month of November?

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