Meal Plan Monday {17 Oct-23 Oct'16}


Please note this post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you. I will earn a small commission from them if you decide to purchase.  Feel free to read my disclosure policy for further details.  Thanks for supporting my blog! This week was very successful in my utilization of my meal plan!  Some weeks are better than others because, ya know, life happens.  Even with some of the daily curve balls that life throws at you, I was able to stay on top of things! I forgot to mention what we do for breakfast and lunch in last week’s post!  Breakfast is usually easy stuff for us, toast, cereal, scrambled eggs, oatmeal etc.  On the weekends (mainly Saturday) I’ll typically make a bigger breakfast like pancakes, puffy pancakes, french toast with eggs and bacon (not all in the same morning;)).  Eventually, I want to get in the habit of making a double batch of pancakes and french toast to freeze!  One step at a time I guess :) Lunches are almost always leftovers.  I do my best to make sure I have enough for a day or two of leftovers for lunch.  If for some reason there are no leftovers, it’s usually a peanut butter jelly or meat and cheese sandwich.  Sometimes I’ll make an egg sandwich for me if I'm at home, which is most of the time.  meal-plan-monday17-oct-23-oct

Here’s what’s on the meal plan for this week!

Monday 17 OctBubble Pizza from the Come on Over Cookbook with SaladTuesday 18 OctMeatloaf (Come on Over Cookbook), Sweet Potato Fries, and Green beansWednesday 19 OctRomano Chicken with Lemon Garlic Pasta and SaladThursday 20 OctParmesan Encrusted Pork Chops with Broccoli and Roasted Red PotatoesFriday 21 OctChicken in Cream Sauce (Come on Over Cookbook) with Mixed VeggiesSaturday 22 OctWe have a yard sale and lots of other things going on this day so we’re going to have leftovers and probably eat out :)Sunday 23 OctWe have a family event so we’ll probably be eating at my in-laws or going out :)I don’t have any Crock-Pot meals this week! Hopefully, I won’t regret that decision ;) My goal for the future is to have themed days to make my planning a little easier. I’m also dabbling with the idea of joining a meal planning website and see if it’s helpful or not. We’ll see!What do you have on your meal plan this week?