Foster Health and Happiness with Your Garden


Foster Health & Happiness with your Garden - Pursue Simple Joy

Foster Health & Happiness with Your Garden

Health and happiness aren't permanent states. I sure wish they were, though! They're things you work on all the time, and that you get to experience in short bursts or longer periods. If you want to be a healthy and happy person, there are many ways you might try to achieve that. Spending time outdoors is one of the methods a lot of people use to stay healthy and to enjoy themselves. For some people, that means going on hiking trips or going to the park. For others, sitting in their yard or doing some gardening at home is the perfect way to get some fresh air. You can do so many things to create a garden that facilitates your health and happiness.

Make a Space to Get Active

Many people see their garden as somewhere to sit back and relax. It might also be a place where their kids or pets run around, but they would rather lounge in a lawn chair. However, it can be the perfect space to get active, especially if you're not a fan of the gym (me!) and don't want to work out indoors. Perhaps you enjoy yoga or Tai Chi, and connecting with the outdoors could help you make the most of your workout. You can also use plenty of the exercise equipment you would use indoors, apart from larger items like running machines. In fact, you're likely to have more space on your lawn or perhaps your deck or patio.

Focus on Tranquility

If having a space where you can relax is your priority, you want to create somewhere full of peace and tranquility. It will give you somewhere to escape to when you need a break from the rest of the world. To design a space where you feel you can relax, you need to think about the things that bring you peace. Some people have a zen garden that they can interact with so that they can practice mindfulness. You might enjoy having a space where you can sit down, relax and listen to the various noises around you. Maybe the most tranquil space for you is a small outdoor structure, such as a gazebo or little cabin.

Turn Your Garden Into a Private Sanctuary

Some gardens are naturally more private than others. If you feel that it's too easy for other people to look into your outdoor space, there are ways to make it more secluded. You can use fences and plant different things to create a garden that's more protected visually and to improve soundproofing too. You could even have a roof structure over your garden, perhaps using a pergola with plants winding through it, so that it's more difficult to look in from above. Make sure your Home Owners Association (if you have one) approves! You don't want to fall into bad standing if your HOA has rules for that sort of thing. Use tall trees, hedges and bushes to create more privacy and to absorb sound, so that you hear less from outside your garden and other people won't hear you, either.

Relaxing Spaces to Sit and Lounge

Every relaxing garden needs places to sit, and perhaps even to lie down too. You should think about creating different spaces that can be used in various ways. Sometimes, you might want to spend time with friends and family, relaxing together in a shared space with comfortable dining or lounge chairs. These areas could have other things to entertain and relax everyone, from lighting and music to tables for enjoying food and drink. However, on other occasions, you might want to sit alone and enjoy your own company. A more secluded area where you can sit without being disturbed would give you another option.

Fill Your Garden with Healing Herbs

A herb garden is an excellent idea if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Many herbs aren't too difficult to grow, making them a good introduction to growing your own food. You can choose to grow herbs that will not only help to make your food more delicious but can have healing properties too. And it's not just herbs you can grow for your health, but other plants and even fruits and vegetables too. Include some calming lavender or grow some healing garlic. Caring for your garden is, of course, relaxing as well, and good for your physical and mental health.Foster Health and Happiness with your Garden - Pursue Simple Joy

Design an Accessible, Navigable Garden

Getting around the garden isn't always easy for everyone. If you have any mobility issues, you need to ensure that you have a garden you can physically use. Even if you're perfectly fit and healthy, a badly designed garden can still be difficult to navigate. You need to think about how to make it a space where you can get around with ease. Perhaps it's easier to have paved paths, rather than gravel or grass. It might be a good idea to try to leave plenty of clear space, instead of planting every spare inch. Think about your needs and those of anyone else who uses your garden.

Create Outdoor Entertainment

While gardens are ideal places to find privacy and peace, they are also ideal for having fun. On a good day, spending time with your friends and family members, or just having some fun on your own, is often better outdoors than stuck inside. If you want to add some outdoor entertainment to your garden, you can enlist hardscaping services to add a patio, outdoor kitchen, bar or other structure to create a fun and social environment. You can create an outdoor cooking area, install a weatherproof entertainment system or just give your garden a new deck or patio so you can set up a stylish seating area.

Delight All the Senses

One of the other ways you can create a magnificent garden that improves your health and happiness is to consider how to stimulate all your senses. Your garden can be full of interesting sights, sounds, textures, smells, and even tastes. You could design your whole garden by thinking of how you can delight all your senses. Use a water feature or items like wind chimes to create interesting signs, or even try to invite birds into your garden. Choose plants and other materials with different textures, and pick things to plant that smell and taste great too. You can create a garden that awakens your senses whenever you spend time in it.[embed][/embed]

By Derek Harper

Build an Eco-friendly Garden

If you want your garden to be healthy and to make you happy, a guilt-free eco-friendly garden is a good idea. While you might think that gardens are environmentally-friendly by default, a poorly designed or maintained one could have more of an environmental impact than you might like. You could start by creating biodiversity in your garden, and encourage lots of different bugs, birds, and larger animals to come in. You can also think about what your garden will need to keep it flourishing. If it will require lots of water, electricity and other resources, it might not be the best setup.

Choose Your Ideal Maintenance Level

For some people, a low-maintenance garden is what will make them happy. They don't want to spend hours each week keeping their garden healthy and beautiful. However, others want something to work on, and won't ever regard their garden as being complete. The important thing is that you choose the right level of maintenance for you. Whether you want to be able to leave your garden alone or you want to be able to get stuck into some gardening whenever you have the time, do what feels right. Design your garden around how long you want to spend working on it and what you would rather be doing instead.

Know How to Garden Safely

If you do enjoy spending time gardening, it can be very good for you. It requires physical work, which can help you stay fit, and it helps you get outside in the fresh air. But you need to make sure you're being safe while you're outside. You should know how to lift properly to avoid hurting your back and avoid hunching over while you're working. Protect yourself from the sun so that you don't get a sunburn by covering up or avoiding working during the sunniest part of the day. Make sure you stay hydrated too and take time out to relax and stretch when you need to.

Use Any Space You Have to Garden

Not everyone has a huge amount of outdoor space to create a garden. That doesn't have to stop you creating a garden that will make you healthy and happy. Whatever space you have available, even if it's indoors, can be used to create a garden that you enjoy. You might have some roof space you can use or even an area on a balcony or windowsill that allows you to set up a few plants or other features you can enjoy. Even a small space can provide a sanctuary for you when you need to relax.

All You Have to do is Start

A garden can improve your health and happiness, especially if you design it to meet your needs. If you want to create a new garden, think about the things you want it to do. For us, we’re starting small because we don’t have a lot of space. We want it to produce a bountiful harvest and make me get outside more and learn new things. We want it to be our little getaway when we need a change of scenery.No matter what you choose to do or how you choose to do it, as long as it's getting you moving, learning, and growing, it is bound to bring you health and happiness!

What are your favorite things that bring you health and happiness?