Fighting Back against Chronic Pain


Fighting Back Against Chronic Pain I Chronic Pain Relief I Chronic Pain I Hope for Chronic Pain

Fighting Back Against Chronic Pain

Suffering from chronic pain can be depressing and debilitating. While meds can alleviate symptoms, there are other ways that you can fight off the pain to help life be more comfortable. Here are five ways to fight back against chronic pain.Related Post: What's it like to live with Chronic Pain?

Upgrade your bed

If pain is affecting your sleep, your first step should be to upgrade your bed. Your mattress could be the first thing you want to alter – hard mattresses are often better for joint pain and back pain. You could even consider a specialized orthopedic mattress. Also, consider pillows that could improve your comfort such as a neck pillow or body pillow to stop you turning over. There are even options such as buying an adjustable bed. Your doctor may be have some recommendations when it comes to bedding.  

Try herbal medicines

There are lots of herbal pain relief solutions out there that could be a good alternative or supplement to your meds. These remedies include ginseng, St. John’s wort and cannabis oil. These could be taken as pills or as a herbal tea. You can even use scents in the form of candles and oil diffuser aroma. Make sure to read into side effects before taking these herbal medicines as some may not be advised when taken with certain prescription medication.Related Post: 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Essential Oils

Take a hot bath

Hot baths have long been a simple and effective form of pain relief. The hot water can relax your muscles and ease inflammation, which could help a great deal if you’re dealing with muscular or skeletal conditions. Your body will also get flooded with endorphins that help to numb the pain. Some people find that Epsom bath salts can enhance the relaxing and pain-numbing effects of a bath. Baths are often recommended for pregnant women in the early stages of contractions and people with sports related injuries.Related Post: Infinity Jars Review


Fighting Back Against Chronic Pain I Chronic Pain Relief I Chronic Pain I Hope for Chronic Pain

Say NO to stress

Stress will increase the pain you feel. This is because stress releases cortisol into the body which helps trigger inflammation. If parts of your body are already inflamed, stress will only serve to make this inflammation worse. Try to limit stress in your life in whatever way possible. If there’s no escaping certain stresses in your life, you need to find ways to de-stress at the end of a hard day. Many of the above tricks such as taking a hot bath and getting a good night’s sleep can reduce your cortisol levels,  in turn, combating the pain you’re feeling.  Related Post: How to Make Your Home a More Joyful Place to BeRelated Post: Creating a Relaxing Home

Stay active

Exercise can help to counteract chronic pain by releasing endorphins around the body. Of course, depending on your condition, certain forms of physical activity may make the pain worse. These are likely to be high-impact exercises such as running or jumping.Instead, try calmer, low-impact exercises such as swimming, cycling, and yoga. A physical therapist may be able to recommend exercises based on your specific condition so that you don’t aggravate the cause of the pain.

You can start fighting back against chronic pain today!

With these simple steps of getting a new bed, trying herbal remedies, an Epsom salt bath, eliminating stress and staying active, you can be well on your way to helping boost your confidence and fighting back against chronic pain.Do you deal with chronic pain? What are some ways that you help fight it?[mailerlite_form form_id=2]