Are You Relaxed Before Bedtime?


Are you relaxed before bedtime? I Relaxing Before Bed I Bedtime Routine I Morning Routine

Are You Relaxed Before Bedtime?

Have you ever had trouble winding down after a long day? Relaxing is harder than you might think. You need to be able to let go of all the tension in your muscles, even when you’re unaware there’s any there, and you need to be able to cut out the interruptions of the world around you. And seeing as brains are programmed to respond to stimuli, this can very well end up being impossible. But the main trouble comes at bedtime, when you absolutely need to be able to slip into a restful sleep, despite your brain and body’s protests. So, are you relaxed before bedtime?Probably not, and now’s the time to fix that. Of course, it's important to pay attention to every facet of your health. However, sometimes you do need to pay some real special attention to neglected areas, like being able to turn your brain off at night! It’s something so many people struggle with in the modern day and age, so now’s the time to cut yourself out of the statistics. Hopefully, you’ll be able to relax better with a couple of tips listed below.

Go on a Mind Journey

‘But I’m trying to turn my brain off!’ you say. And while that’s true, using your imagination to help yourself slip into sleep has been a tried and tested method since time immemorial! Picture some places you’d like to go to, like a beach or a spa, and everything you’d see, hear and feel. Seeing as you’re picturing a relaxing location, you’re going to start feeling a lot more relaxed in yourself as well.  And if you can’t sleep at all, this is a good way to distract you from more negative thoughts and make yourself a little more tired at the same time. Can’t think of something trusty to imagine? You can find a good list of such imaginary situations to focus on during moments like these at


Are you relaxed before bedtime? I Relaxing Before Bed I Bedtime Routine I Morning Routine

Try a Different Comfort Level

Maybe you don’t have enough pillows, maybe you have too many. Perhaps you’re too warm in bed, or maybe your room is far too cold. Maybe you just don’t have a duvet thick enough, or you don’t have enough blankets to keep you covered up. Now’s the time to invest in some more comfortable materials to make sure you’ve got the best sleeping environment that you can feel safe enough to completely relax in.

Don't Forget Your Mattress

If the bed you’re currently sleeping in has a lumpy mattress, or some broken slats you think you’re going to collapse though, head to to find some popular opinions on the kind of bed you should try next. Relaxing before bed is key to making sure you get some quality sleep, and that’s going to make you feel like you can take on the whole world all at once. Be healthier and happier with better sleep.

A Restful Night Is Just Around the Corner

Whether you decide to unwind before bed by thinking of an imaginary place, re-evaluating your sleeping conditions, or investing in a better mattress, you'll know you've made the right choices with a restful night sleep.There are many other things we could have talked about in this, but if you feel that you're just constantly running around in circles, you might want to think of how your morning and evening routines are.If you want to dive in for more in-depth help on how to create a better rhythm for your mornings, check out myMake Over Your Morning Series

What is your favorite way to relax before bedtime?

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