And Then... There were Three


It's hard to believe that I am already 10 weeks along with this little one in my womb!  ("Womb" is such an interesting word, isn't it?")I've had many friends and family asking me for updates on how everything is going with my pregnancy so I figured I'd break the ice and make it a blog post!Funny thing is, I found out I was pregnant 4 days after we got our cute kitten, Bilbo.  Honestly, if I had known I was pregnant we probably wouldn't have gotten him.  I guess it was meant to be!  He can be a handful at times, but I'm thankful we have him around.  He's been a joyful part of our daily life and he brings the silliness out in us.  Cats are such interesting creatures!When I first discovered the news I was in denial.  I took another test the next morning to make double sure!  As soon as that test returned positive, I scheduled an appointment with my OB and made it official official!  I tried to think of a cute and creative way to tell Micah (I'm not good at that sort of thing) and decided to stack some books about parenting and babies at his place at the dining table.  He got home from work and proceeded with our small talk, I thought he kept glancing over at the stack of books, but he was oblivious to the whole thing.  After a couple of minutes of back and forth chatting there was a pause in our conversation and I decided to ask him if he noticed anything.  He said, "Uh, no?" which I laughed and finally said "I'm pregnant!" while pointing to the stack of books on the table.  I was a little frustrated that it didn't go as I had envisioned, but it ended up being ok in the end. ;)We wanted to tell our parents in person and were thankful for the opportunity around Thanksgiving.  The problem was having to wait 3 weeks!  We ended up telling Micah's parents the Sunday before Thanksgiving and they were thrilled as expected.  My Mother in love was a huge help with painting our nursery (shortly after we moved in) so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.  I made a little sign that said "New Occupant July 4th, 2016" that I put on the door with my sonogram underneath it.  She had gone on to bed so I had to sheepishly knock on the door to say "I forgot to show you what we did to the nursery!" so she came out and was very excited when she saw the sign.  My Father in Love was still downstairs so she called him up and he said, "I can only think of one thing that would result in that type of excitement!" haha It was a great time!Door to the nurseryNext, was waiting to tell my parents! They were going to be coming into town for Thanksgiving so we waited until we celebrated our Christmas together on Wednesday night.  We alternate holidays with our families so this year was Thanksgiving with mine, next year will be Christmas with them etc. It's working out great so far! :)I made onesies for each of them that said "I Love Lolo" and "I Love Lola" to give as gifts.  Lolo means Grandpa and Lola means Grandma in Tagalog so I thought it was appropriate :) They opened their gifts at the same time and then I said, "I'm pregnant!" when they were done.  They were very surprised and thrilled.  The little one will be their first grandbaby! It's funny thinking of my brother and sister as having a niece or nephew :)Lolo and Lola!Our Thanksgiving gave us many things to be thankful for! To include the new addition to our family coming on the 4th of July! However, we all know that the baby has a schedule of their own so it might be earlier or later.  Either way, we'll be happy when we finally get to hold him or her!Since I'm still in the first trimester, it is hard to believe that I have a little person in my belly right now.  I look forward to when I start showing :)  I am thankful that I haven't had horrible morning sickness.  There have been a few days of horrible nausea and vomiting, but I've honestly had more good days than bad days with that symptom.  Almost every day since the 6th week I've been utterly exhausted and sleep A LOT.  That has been my biggest symptom.  I would wake up, do one chore then fall asleep on the couch for 3-4 hours.  I also eat a lot.  I haven't had very many food aversions which has been nice.  There are things that I definitely crave from time to time but nothing too crazy.  I love bread and cheese and pasta though which isn't necessarily the healthiest thing, but I don't eat all of those things all the time.  I do my best to add as many fruits and veggies to my diet as much as possible.I'm excited to share this journey with you!  I don't think I'll post an update every week but I'll make sure to update you on any changes! Thank you again for all of the love and support.  We are very blessed!