3 Lessons I've Learned While Pregnant

Pregnancy has been a huge learning curve for me since I first saw that "pregnant" sign pop up on my pregnancy test almost 6 months ago. It has been full of ups and downs (mostly ups) and I'm thankful for that.  I have been much more in tune with my body now than I ever have and I have learned so much about myself in the process.  With only two weeks left in my second trimester, it's hard to believe that we'll finally get to meet our little guy in a few short months.  I haven't had any dreams about him unfortunately, but maybe that's because my brain knows it won't be anything like the real thing and it wants to keep me in suspense :)I have learned and am continuing to learn these 3 lessons while going through my pregnancy:1) It's polite to listen to others' advice but not necessary for you to implement everything they suggest. This has been a hard one for me.  I so badly want to do all that others have done, or didn't do.  I want to learn from their mistakes and do the things that were helpful for them.  However, I have found it to be incredibly overwhelming trying to remember everything and heed every ounce of advice that is given to me.  I've learned that it's ok... It's ok that I don't eat every recommended food that's told to help support the brain development of my baby and it's ok if I have a McDonalds Big Mac every once in a while.  It's ok if I forget to do my kegel exercises one day and opt to sit and watch a tv show instead.  Now, I'm not advocating throwing caution to the wind and being reckless.  I find that keeping a balance of control freak and sane is a good place to be.2) I don't have to read every blog post and book about taking care of a baby.This kind of goes hand in hand with number 1 but I find that with my desire to be as prepared as possible can drive me crazy, a lot of the time.  I truly enjoy learning new things and I have enjoyed learning more about breastfeeding and cloth diapering and taking care of baby.  I just have to remind myself that if all does not turn out like it says it should in the books and posts that life goes on, I get help when needed and realize that my situation and baby are different.... And that's ok!3) It's ok to relax and it's normal to feel a little overwhelmed.Sometimes I feel as though I need to be doing all the time.  I feel guilty for putting my feet up and taking a nap during the day.  I have to keep telling myself it won't be this quiet again for a long time and to enjoy it before little man comes along. I also used to beat myself up for having days where I'm feeling a little depressed that life will never be like this again.  This is not the norm, thankfully! I know it's normal to feel nostalgic about the past and the freedom I had to do things without having a little one to look after, but I truly can't express how much I look forward to holding him in my arms and kissing his little nose. I will miss being able to run to the grocery store in a moments notice and being able to sleep throughout the night on a consistent basis. But I do know that the joy the handsome little guy the Lord will bless us with will far surpass the "I miss" statements that might pop up in the future.  What greater blessing than to care for a little person that God sees fit for you to raise for His Kingdom.  We truly can't wait to embark on this journey and this new chapter that God is unfolding before us.